American Bio-Clinical Laboratories is pleased to inform you that we recently implemented the ThinPrep Imaging System with Dual Review screening in our lab. This will further improve the performance of the ThinPrep Pap Test, your cervical cancer screening test of choice. The combination of the ThinPrep and the ThinPrep Imaging System adds up to the most comprehensive and accurate screening method available today.

The ThinPrep Imaging System with dual Review enhances the ThinPrep Pap Test by combining advanced screening technology with human interpretive expertise.

  • Every patient is analyzed by the Imager and careened by a cytotechnologist
  • This Dual Review screening approach has been shown to increase sensitivity over manual screening further reducing the rate of false negative fraction (ASC-US).
  • Biopsy-confirmed peer-review study data shows improved disease detection with the ThinPrep Imaging System with Dual Review over manually screened ThinPrep slides.

It is also important to note there is a specific CPT code, 88175, which has been established for the ThinPrep Pap Test screening using the ThinPrep Imaging System.

The new test codes are 3387 for PAP only and 3398 for PAP w/Rfx to HPV. If the old test codes are ordered on non-revised requisitions, the new test codes will be ordered.

It is our goal to continue offering you the latest technology, so that you can provide the most accurate results for you patients. If you have any questions regarding this system, please call Frida Safavi or Dr. Richard Xing at (323)-222-6688.