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What ABC Laboratories Can Do For You

Over the years, ABC Labs has progressively grown becoming an integral part of the Greater Los Angeles Medical Community and has provided excellent high quality services to the medical and diagnostic industries. American Bio-Clinical Laboratories, Inc. is recognized as a major clinical reference laboratory in Southern California.

We take pride in the reliability and professionalism of our staff in achieving our mission. The lab offers a full range of clinical laboratory determinations from the basic laboratory assays to the most esoteric quantitative hormone assessment, DNA, and PCR tests. In addition, we continually upgrade our state of the art technology and procedures to meet the highest standards in the industry. In the services offered, American Laboratories performs a wide variety of both qualitative and quantitative clinical tests and procedures ranging from:

  • Radioimmunoassay/RIA (Endocrinology)
  • Chemiluminescence, Enzyme Immunoassay/EIA or Enzime Linked Immunosorbent Assay/ELISA (Immunology)
  • DNA Hybridization and Polymerase Chain Reaction/PCR
  • Microscopy and culture (Microbiology, Mycology)
  • Many other assays, including research facilities

Quality Assurance

ABC Laboratories is totally committed to the delivery of quality laboratory testing. Over the years, we have developed quality assurance management to ensure that proper laboratory practice is constantly maintained. Our objective is to provide our clients with consistently accurate and diagnostically meaningful test information. Stringent quality control programs are an integral part of our testing protocols. We participate in many proficiency evaluation surveys. They include the Department of Health and Human Services programs as outlined by CLIA 88, the American Association of Bioanalysts and the College of American Pathologists.

STAT Services

We perform our STAT services in our local facilities. The results are promptly telephoned and/or faxed.


Abnormal test results are confirmed by repeating the test in duplicate, to ensure its reproducibility and accuracy. All critical and panic results are phoned immediately as directed by a physician.


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